About MATChE

MATChE is a programme carried out by Technical University of Denmark in order to support Danish industry to increase its competitiveness, growth and job creation by demonstrating how to engage in an effective transition towards Circular Economy (CE), based on current readiness assessment and strategic driver identification.
By enabling an effective transition of Danish industry towards CE, a long-term systemic and sustainable enhancement of the Danish economy and society is expected, with value maximization and increased resource productivity.

The project’s primary audience is the Danish manufacturing industry, including their upstream and downstream value chains, across numerous sectors. Industry companies include significant players in the Danish economy, embracing large manufacturing companies and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). By taking a cross-sectorial approach, exponential knowledge enhancement and experience sharing among a large variety of companies are enabled. This brings high innovation and business potential.



DTU will be the project coordinator and main executor of the proposed activities. The Confederation of Danish Industry will focus on engaging Danish manufacturing companies in the project. CHORA Connection will support networking and dissemination of activities and Miljøstyrelsen will engage in a dialogue with European and Danish policy-making bodies on policies for effective support of SMEs and large companies in working with circular economy, enabling a long-term impact of the project in the Danish Society. Danish Industry will be engaged during the project for co-creation, development, testing and implementation of the CE readiness and transition paths.

The Team