Welcome to the Experience Sharing Community

The Experience Sharing Community is a hub for stakeholders in the value chain. We wish to create  Cluster Circles, which are smaller community where challenges, best practices and ideas can flourish between people, and we hope to foster a spirit of positive thinking and creativity needed to find common solutions for an effective transition from a linear to a circular model.

Focus for the communities will be centered around challenges and opportunities that smaller groups of industry sectors have in common. Currently we are investigating where the interest and energy is for establishing these Cluster Circles, and based on feedback we will establish groups and plan activities throughout the year.

Activities could embrace company visits, inspirational speakers, expert presentations (e.g. related to material science, policies, design thinking, circular strategies) or group exercises and discussions.

Please send an expression of interest to info@matche.dk where you explain who you are, your motivation, which company your represent and your wishes for a Cluster Circle focus.

Cluster Circle 1

Engage with companies from the food, textile, and paper sector to discuss how Circular Economy can be integrated in both the technical and biological cycles.


Manufacturer of food such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, oils, grain, starches, farinaceous and dairy products, animal feed, and beverages.



Manufacturer of textile such as wearing apparel, articles of fur, knitted and crocheted apparel, leather, luggage, carpets and footwear.


Manufacturer of wood and cork products, parquet floors, wood packaging, paper pulp, paperboard, household/sanitary goods, printing media.

Cluster Circle 2

Engage with companies from the pharmaceutical, chemical and plastic sectors and understand how to create additional value to your customers and stakeholders through circular economy.


Manufacturer of pharmaceutical products such as pharmaceutical raw materials, active drugs and blood processing, as well as pharmaceutical preparations including plant medicine and bandages.


Manufacturer of chemicals such as petroleum, fertilizers, primary plastic/rubber, paint, varnish, coating, ink, soap, detergents, and minerals.



Manufacturer of plastic products such as rubber tires and tubes, and plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles, and packinggoods.

Cluster Circle 3

Engage with companies from the transport, machinery, metal and electronic sectors and explore maximum value creation from extending the life time of “technical materials”, components and products (e.g. through digital technologies).



Manufacturer of machinery such as motor vehicles, trailers including spare parts, ships, boats, aircraft, motorcycles, bike cycles and busses.



Manufacturer of machinery such as engines, turbines, pumps, valves, bearing, gears, handling equipment, hand tools, machinery for cooling/ventilation, agriculture, and processing.


Manufacturer of metals such as iron/steel/ferro-alloys, steel tubes, pipes, profiles, fabricated tanks, containers, heating radiators, generators, coating, tools, hardware, wires and consumer goods.



Manufacturer of electronic products such as boards, computers, measuring instruments, electromedical, optical media, motors, generators, batteries, wiring and lighting devices.

Cluster Circle 4

Engage with companies from the furniture and building sectors and explore how to create circular spaces for enhanced well-being and quality of life.


Manufacturer of furniture such as office and shop furniture, kitchen furniture, mattresses and other types of furniture.



Construction of residential and non-residential building projects, roads and railways, utility projects (fluid, electricity, telecommunication) and water projects.