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MATChE is a programme carried out by Technical University of Denmark in order to support Danish industry to increase its competitiveness, growth and job creation by demonstrating how to engage in an effective transition towards Circular Economy (CE), based on current readiness assessment and strategic driver identification. By enabling an effective transition of Danish industry towards CE, a long-term systemic and sustainable enhancement of the Danish economy and society is expected, with value maximization and increased resource productivity.

MATChE can help your company get started with Circular Economy through four simple steps.



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What do people say?

“Good for reflection and quick overview!”

CleanTech industry

“Useful for internal or cross-sectoral comparison.”

Capital Goods company

“Great for sparking discussion!”

Healthcare industry

“Good tool for companies to start evaluating current situation!”

Toys industry

“Efficient to apply throughout other areas of own business.”

Chemical sector