Exchange of tools and experiences for dissemination

At the workshop for tools to Circular Economy hosted by Environmental Protection Agency at 4th of October 2017, MATChE presented the newly launched site www.matche.dk/en/transition which aims to contribute to Danish manufacturing companies getting a lucid and effictive transition from linear to circular economy.

The site provides access to the new tools for Readiness and is expected to be accessible during the fall. A personal profile can be created on the site to conduct a Readiness Assessment on behalf of your company. Consolidated readiness assessments for all created profiles within the same company, will generate readiness results including; strengths and weaknesses, benchmark results and recommendations for the transition. All results will be confidential and the companies will be kept anonymous.

The purpose of the workshop was the presentation of the new portal cirkvirk.dk created by Miljøstyrelsen and to assure a better integration with similar tools for Circular Economy. One of these tool, which were presented at the workshop, is ERIC (European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre) managed by Copenhagen Resource Institute. MATChE are looking forward to a good collaboration with both projects in order to avoid confusion and overlap amongst the offers targeted Danish companies.

Up to 60 participants were attending the workshop including universities, consultants, public institutions, companies etc. – all contributing with feedback and good ideas for a successful anchoring among Danish companies.