Welcome to the Accelerator Programme

The programme is targeted at Danish manufacturing companies. The purpose is to develop types of transition routes based on pilot projects tailor-made 10 – 15 companies demonstrating real transition.

We are in the development of programmes, which you can apply for to become one of the selected companies. We will be looking for companies with high motivation to go from linear to circular model and with an interest in contributing to share knowledge broadly. How ready you are, is of less importance, but your pattern, created from the Readiness Assessment, will be used as foundation to make a tailor-made programme with focus on your needs.

Do you see a potential and fit with your company, the don’t hesitate to contact us via info@matche.dk.


  • High motivation and commitment?
  • Registered profile for the Readiness Assessment?
  • Danish Manufacturing company (S/M/L)?
  • Searching for guidance on how to get started?
  • Ready to allocate resources (time/manpower)?
  • Interested in matchmaking with companies?
  • Would like to contribute to research?
  • Prepared to scope/run a 6 month pilot during 2018?

Join Now

Send an email to info@matche.dk to indicate your interest for the Accelerator Programme in Circular Economy. Start the conversation today and your company might become one of the 15 selected pilots.

Sign-up for a Customized Accelerator Programme


Accelerate 10-15 Danish manufacturing companies in the transition to Circular Economy, based on expert support to boost your journey.


Small, medium and large manufacturing companies across industry sectors, based in Denmark. We are seeking companies representing different readiness patterns and with high motivation and eager to make a change.


We will get insights into types of transition routes and how readiness patterns and different factors, such as type, sector and size will impact how you implement transition route successfully.


MATChE will lead you through an ambitious and tailor-made journey based on your current readiness level, strategic drivers and ambitions and helping you to select the best tools and build a successful roadmap.

Readiness Scale

We measure readiness on a scale from – not being ready to ready – which may seem obvious, and maybe it is, but to be sure we all have a common understanding of what it actually means, here is our scale with explanations. To be part of the Accelerator Programme you must be somewhere at this scale, and we will help you to enhance in readiness.

1. Understand Potential

Not Ready

2. Plan Pilot Implementation

Low Readiness

3. Piloting Initiatives

Medium Readiness

4. Plan Scale-Up

High Readiness

5. Scale Initiative