Welcome to the Readiness Assessment in Circular Economy

The Readiness Assessment in Circular Economy is a key initiatives of the MATChE project. This is the first assessment screening how ready manufacturing companies are in the transition to Circular Economy.

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This is your opportunity to contribute to the first open-source Readiness Assessment in Circular Economy. The more precise and robust Readiness Assessment you submit, the better benchmarking results you will get in return.

It’s not a goal to get the highest score, but rather to achieve insights, inspiration, and a shared understanding. Be accurate in your answers and invite multiple colleagues to contribute to the assessment.

Your contribution will enhanced knowledge in Readiness for Circular Economy at a broad scale across industry sectors and help the project to conduct research in how we design optimal transition routes based on readiness pattern.

All acquired knowledge and best practices will be communicated in an open-source reports and benchmarking will be made available at this site as soon as we have consolidate data from minimum 10 companies.

So far, 39 manufacturing companies and 51 employees have contributed to the prototype test via real submissions – now we need to take it one step further with your contribution.

Types of Results

The results, which you will generate based on the Readiness Assessment, will help you take the first step on your journey. They include a readiness score, a strength and gap analysis, benchmarking data and recommendations on how to get started. The results will enable us to identify a suitable transition route fit for your situation specifically.

Readiness Score

A total Readiness Score is generated from the consolidated Readiness Assessments submitted by employees connected the Company Profile.

Strengths and Gaps

The company’s strengths and gaps will be identified, indicating the best way to start your transition, followed by our recommendations.

Benchmark Results

Check your company’s readiness scores in relation to other companies (e.g. within or across your industry sector, across different sizes, etc.)

Transition Kick-off

Based on your company’s Readiness Score, recommendations on how to take the next step in your transition will be generated.

Key FeAtures

Company Assessment

The Readiness Assessment is an evaluation of 8 CE Dimensions of your company, obtained based on the perception of the engaged employees.


Generate a representative readiness score by engaging stakeholders from different hierarchical levels and functions in the assessment.


The more diverse the readiness skills of the engaged employees, the better! Hence, we are mapping the skillset of each employee to ensure full calibration of the results. 

100% Confidentiality

All readiness scores are confidential and only anonymized and consolidated results are shared with no possibility to trace results back to individuals or companies. 

Company Level Scope

Provide answers and generate results based on a company wide scope embracing the entire company.

Business Units

Register as many of your company's business units, as you like, and generate specific results with a more narrow scope.

Safe and secure data

We are using HTTPS for secure communication, which means that data (passwords) are encrypted and nobody can access your data.

Update again and again

Results will be saved and you can return and update your answers again and again as you improve in readiness or find out new information.

Submitted Readiness Assessments
Registered Company Profiles
Engaged industry sectors
Most companies per sector

8 CE Dimensions for Readiness

Achieve insights of readiness dimension, which help to explain and concretise the terminology of Circular Economy in the context of your company. 8 CE Dimensions are in focus when evaluating how ready your company is in the transition to CE. They cover broadly across circular stages and organisational focus.


Strategy & Business Model Innovation

Product & Service Innovation

Manufacturing & Value Chain

Technology & Data

Use, Support & Maintenance

Takeback & End-of-Life Strategies

Policy & Market


“Good for reflection and quick overview!”

CleanTech industry

“Useful for internal or cross-sectoral comparison.”

Capital Goods company

“Great for sparking discussion!”

Healthcare industry

“Good tool for companies to start evaluating current situation!”

Toys industry

“Efficient to apply throughout other areas of own business.”

Chemical sector


1 Introduction

What is the purpose of the Readiness Assessment?

The purpose is to evaluate how ready your company is for the transition to Circular Economy, based on eight Readiness Dimensions. In addition to supporting the identification of strengths and enhancement of opportunities, the Readiness Assessment enables anonymous benchmarking with other companies’ Readiness Assessments and the identification of the most suitable transition paths towards Circular Economy. It is the first step on the journey to getting started!

How did you select the 30 questions?

Based on a thorough review of Circular Economy success stories, case studies and best practices, we identified 30 success factors, which we subsequently grouped into the eight Readiness Dimensions. Each question in the Readiness Assessment corresponds to one success factor for Circular Economy.

Is the readiness assessment valid for all types of companies?

Our target is small, medium and large manufacturing companies across a number of industry sectors. Service providers, consultants, NGO’s and other types of companies are welcome to run the Readiness Assessment, however they must be aware that questions and results may not fit their contexts perfectly.

Can I run the Readiness Assessment if I do not work for a Danish manufacturing company?

Yes, of course. The focus for this project is Danish industry; however the Readiness Assessment is an open-source tool which can benefit companies from all over the world.

2 Company & Employee Profile

Why do I need a Company Profile?

You need a Company Profile in order to run the Readiness Assessment. Circular Economy will not make much sense at an individual level, but will provide a lot of value for a company. A Company Profile will be connected to as many Employees as you like – just send an invite.

Can I make a Readiness Assessment without a Company Profile?

In order to be able to carry out the Readiness Assessment you must have a registered company profile. The purpose of the Readiness Assessment is to evaluate the readiness of the company on its transition to Circular Economy, hence you must be part of a registered company and not an individual.

Can I register more than one Company Profile?

In principle, yes. If you work for more than one company, you can create additional company profiles, as long as you have a corresponding company email to enable registration.

Can I delete my Employee Profile?

Yes. You can always delete your Employee profile. Just send an email to info@matche.dk with your request.

3 Guidance for Assessment

How much time does it take to do the Readiness Assessment?

It takes approximately 20-30 minutes the first time you do the Readiness Assessment. If you make another assessment, it will most likely take just 10-15 minutes.

Will my Readiness Score be saved while I run the assessment?

You can start the Readiness Assessment now and come back later, if you do not have time to answer all 30 questions at once. Maybe you also need to go and check the answer to a particular question, which will require a bit of time. Your scoring will be saved, as long as you have a stable internet connection. And you can always come back later, to update your responses.

Can I run multiple assessments?

Yes, you can make a Readiness Assessment for different scopes; one for the ‘Whole Company’ and one for each ‘Business Unit’ connected your Company Profile. You can also update your previously submitted Readiness Assessment.

4 Data Use & Security

How do you protect my data?

We are using HTTPS for secure communication, which means that all data are encrypted at all time and nobody can access your data. You can only create an account if you have a valid company email. When you register your company email, you will receive a confirmation email so that we make sure it belongs to you.

What kind of company data do you have access to?

We only have access to data, which is publicly available. We use the Danish website virk.dk (Danish Business Authority) to verify companies’ CVRs, size, primary and secondary sectors, geography, and domains (only for Danish companies).

5 Readiness Results

Can I share my Employee Readiness Score with colleagues?

No, it is not possible to share personal assessments. Only consolidated assessments of the company will be made accessible to employees connected the Company Profile, as we believe it is more valuable with an assessment representing multiple perspectives, compared to your own responses, which will we treat as your personal perception and judgement.

Who can see my results?

Your Employee Score is confidential and is consolidated into the calculation of the overall Company Score. Employee and Company Readiness Scores are kept confidential and not shared with any 3rd party in any way. Only benchmarking data based on consolidated and anonymised results are shared, in a way that the results cannot be traced back to individual companies. Benchmarking will first be available, when we can consolidate data from at least 10 companies.

Can I withdraw my submitted Readiness Score?

You can always delete your submitted Readiness Assessments by sending an email to info@matche.dk, after which we will ensure to fully delete your data.

6 Invite

Why should I invite a colleague to do the Readiness Assessment?

The Readiness Assessment is an evaluation of the readiness level of your company, based on the perception and judgement of the individual employees. As Circular Economy embraces most areas of a business, the scoring becomes more representative and precise, the more scores that are submitted, by employees representing different areas of your business. The more colleagues you invite, the more robust the results will be.

How do I invite colleague to my company profile?

When you log in, please go to your personal Dashboard, from where you can invite one or more colleagues. Alternatively, just send a link to our website www.matche.dk/en/readiness-assessment/ or directly to the Readiness Assessment: www.my.matche.dk