Reading Collection

Cirkulær Økonomi Virksomhedsundersøgelse (2017)

A company survey by Environmental Protection Agency showing a general positive attitude towards Circular Economy among the 610 included small and medium sized Danish companies.

Towards the Circular Economy vol.1 (2012)

A report by Ellen MacArthur Foundation and McKinsey & Co detailing significant benefits with Circular Economy across the EU using product case studies and economy-wide analysis.

Potential for Denmark as a Circular Economy (2015)

A special analysis by Ellen MacArthur Foundation with support from McKinsey & Co and NERA Consulting Group on the potential rolling out Circular Economy across a number of Danish industries

Advisory Board - Recommendations for the Danish Government (2017)

A collection of 27 recommendation from the Danish Advisory Board in Circular Economy on how to drive Denmark through a transition from linear to circular economy.

A Guide to 100 Sustainable Solutions (2016)

A report by the think tank Sustainia showcasing 100 cases on sustainability projects from all over the world. Every year new projects are collected totaling +4,500 solutions.


Taking the European Chemical Industry (2017)

A report by Accenture Consulting providing findings of a recent study exploring the major opportunity of the circular economy for the chemical industry and Europe overall.

Green growth in Nordic region - 50 ways to make it happen (2016)

A report by Nordregio exploring green growth and showcasing 50 cases in a broad range of contexts, both urban and rural, and targeted practitioners and policy-makers.


Circular Procurement - Best Practice Report (2017)

A best practice report by SPP Regions (Sustainable Public Procurement Regions) Project Consortium on circular procurement.

CEO Guide to the Circular Economy (2017)

A guide developed in cooperation with Accenture and signed by 14 company leaders outlining business models and disruptive technologies ready to be explored by companies.

Benchmark Circular Business Practices 2015 (2015)

A report by the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) sharing benchmarking results from 52 Dutch companies to realise a circular value chain.

Circular by design - Products in the circular economy (2017)

A report by European Environment Agency exploring Circular Economy from a product perspective. Indicators and assessment tools are proposed that can help fill data and knowledge gaps.

Unlocking More Value with fewer resources (2016)

A practical guide by wbcsd aiming to help companies start the transition towards a circular economy to unlock more value with fewer resources.

The Nordic Market for Circular Economy (2017)

A report by Sustainable Brands mapping the maturity of the Nordic markets based on a survey of consumers and decision makers’s view on Circular Economy.

Casesamling om virksomheders arbejde med grøn forretningsudvikling (2015)

A report (in Danish) by Grøn Omstillingsfond (Danish Business Authority) providing industry examples on green transition with focus on their challenges, problem solving and business model.

Praktisk læring fra virksomheder (2015)

A report (in Danish) by Grøn Omstillingsfond (Danish Business Authority) capturing learning on how companies operationalise green business transition through company personas.

Nordic Bioeconomy - 25 cases for Sustainable Change (2017)

A catalogue by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel and the Danish think-tank Sustainia providing 25 Nordic cases on the ‘new’ Nordic bioeconomy.

Moving towards a Circular Economy (2015)

A collection of 18 cases and recommendation e.g. on policy making, from a workshop initiated by the Nordic Waste Prevention Group under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Best Practice Examples of Circular Business Models (2016)

A report by Environmental Protection Agency and part of the ‘Closing Material Loops‘ project headed by AAlborg University investigating examples of methodologies applied during development of circular business models.

Circular Economy and Benefits for Society (2015)

A report by Club of Rome providing scientific new arguments for a swift move to a circular economy. Released at the European Parliament ahead of the 2015 UN’s COP 21 in Paris.


Think Denmark, White Paper for Green Transition (2017)

A whitepaper by State of Green exploring Circular Economy from different angles; new business models, product designs, recycling, partnerships, supported by industry examples.